AP Racing Ford Escort & Fiesta RS Turbo Formula Clutch Kit CP2000-8

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AP Racing ‘Formula’ Clutch Kits are Brand New and comprise a Clutch Cover Assembly, Clutch Driven Plate and Clutch Release Bearing.

The AP Racing Formula Clutch Kits has been specifically designed to meet the demands of modified high performance cars, utilising the latest technology developed from AP Racing clutches.

This kit fits:

Ford Escort RS Turbo MK4 Series 2 03/1986 to 07/1990.

Ford Fiesta RS Turbo 08/1989 to 02/1992.

CP2000-8 Technical Specification:

  • Diameter: 220mm
  • Torque Capacity: 230 Nm (169 lbs/ft)
  • Clutch Kit Type: 3 in 1 Clutch Kit
  • Driven Plate Type: Organic

****Special Note****

Ø220mm Clutch Fitment to Ford Escort range 1986 onwards.

To improve clutch release on Ford Escorts, post 1995 models are fitted with an adjustable clutch pedal and improved (white) quadrant as standard.
When fitting CP3560-1CP3560-2 cover assemblies or the clutch kitsCP2000-8, CP2015-8 & CP2000-35 , AP Racing recommends that the adjustable pedal, improved quadrant and a new clutch cable are fitted to optimize clutch release in light 
of the higher release loads.

The Ford Part Numbers for these parts as follows:-
Adjustable Pedal - 1029012
Quadrant - 1029013

If vehicle is already fitted with adjustable pedal and white quadrant then mods below will not be necessary.

The latest Mk5 Escort Quadrant (white) has an increased radius R55mm over the Pre 1995 Quadrant (black) R40mm.

The following mods need to be carried out when fitting the white quadrant, if not the pedal will sit too high.

Count 10 teeth up from the lower edge of the quadrant.
Using a hacksaw cut along the line of the rib to the centre boss.
Cut at right angles to remove this section.
Add the M8 locknut supplied in the clutch kit to the pedal adjuster bolt.
Fit it back to front, this will prevent the bolt slipping off the quadrant during clutch actuation.
Adjust the bolt until the desired pedal position is achieved.

The increased radius of the white quadrant allows for more travel at the release bearing, hence improving clutch release/gear selection.

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