Car Silicone Hose Kits

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Browse our range of silicone hose kits to find the perfect match for your car, and customise the look and performance of your engine. Each silicone hose kit is manufactured in the UK by Roose Motorsport, and designed to the highest specifications for the most demanding performance. Choose your make from the sidebar to see the range of silicone hose kits for your car.
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Silicone Hose Kits UK

Whether you need an air intake or a custom cooling solution, you want a silicone hose kit you can rely on.

Our UK manufactured hose kits meet the serious performance demands of modern motorsport, and allow you to enhance the reliability and performance of your engine after an upgrade.

Create the custom solution you want for your car with the easy replacement of old hoses, as well as a custom look with a choice of 11 different colours. You can even choose to have your hose kits branded or unbranded with the Roose Motorsport logo.

All our silicone hose kits come with a lifetime guarantee - an assurance of their quality and performance under pressure. We also offer fast and secure shipping in the UK and internationally, with a 30-day return policy.