Our silicone hoses are manufactured in the UK by Roose Motorsport, using high-quality grade silicone and are carefully hand-wrapped/finished for an incredibly smooth finish. But why should you use them?

There are several reasons ranging from being cosmetic, improving performance and also durability in some situations.

Roose Motorsport is a very well respected supplier of performance silicone hoses, and that respect has been earned over 20+ years of hard work developing what I feel is the best product on the market today. 

If you are looking to improve the look under your bonnet then there is no doubt that swapping your original equipment rubber hoses for anyone of the 12 colours we have available in the silicone will do this. Many show cars have won awards in concourse classes around the country, and internationally too using our silicone hose kits.

As I touched on earlier, using silicone hoses can give performance gains in some situations. When replacing old rubber boost hoses with a silicone boost hose kit you will find that due the way silicone hoses are manufactured you will experience less turbo lag. This is because when silicone hoses are made they typically have 3/4 layers of silicone making them less prone to expansion under high pressure, which ultimately means the turbo has less work to do to fill them with boost pressure and you will then achieve full boost sooner.

And lastly, sometimes in extreme environments, for example, a race/rally or drag car might experience under bonnet temperatures way in access of what you would on a road car. For this, Roose offers a range of Roose Racing hose kits which are manufactured in a special type of high-temperature silicone.